Sokowatch App

Mobile App


Sokowatch leverages cloud-based software to track inventory data in emerging markets. I was brought on the team to design and optimize a mobile application that allows users to input product sales data.

Working under a tight deadline alongside expert developers, the team worked together to create and iterate on the functionality and capabilities of the Sokowatch app.


Sokowatch created their original platform around automated phone calls sent to a user's basic mobile phone. This model was designed for the developing world, allowing inventory and sales data to be captured even in the most remote areas.

However, the team discovered the need for more advanced technology in certain areas. Research from Gartner Inc. states: “Smartphone sales in emerging markets rose to 259.7 million in the third quarter of 2015.”


Knowing automated phone calls were becoming cumbersome for users, Sokowatch set out to create a mobile application to meet the increase of smartphone usage.


Setting out to create a mobile application is often exciting and the possibilities seem endless. As a team, we discussed the various functions we envisioned in application such as:

1. Ability to enter in sales and inventory data.
2. Ability to edit previously submitted data.
3. Visualize sales information such as top seller.
4. Track location of user for route management intel.

This ideation phase was continuous and always changing. However, it was pertinent to determine a focus, or a minimal viable product. We kept it simple. We set out to create an application that allowed users to input inventory and sales data, period.


User Flow

With the MVP in hand, I initially created a flow to visualize and understand a user's interaction with the mobile application. I wanted to think, step-by-step, where and how users would enter data based on similar questions like in the automated phone calls.

More to come...