Mobile App


“We show students how to identify and develop the characteristics and traits aligned with their trajectory so they can strive to become the best version of who they want to be, or what we call, the IdealStudent.”
– Insightful Decisions

With this concept of the "IdealStudent" in hand, I was tasked to design the interactions and styling of the IdealStudent mobile app.


The UX team conducted research and executed a prototype for a mobile app that allows high school student to keep track of their daily tasks such as homework assignments and athletic practices.

Moreover, the app provides a broader trajectory for students to view extracurricular opportunities, better prepare for college, and be held accountable to stay on track by real people.

Prototype created by Sarah Young

Competitve Analysis

The biggest challenge when designing the IdealStudent app was desirablity. How could I appeal to a young demographic, who is techincally savvy, and familiar with a laundry list of apps, particularly social media apps?

The process began with a competitive anaysis of apps that high school student use. A few of the apps analyzed on a design spectrum included: Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, and Tumblr. To-do apps and gamified learning apps were also considered in the competitve analysis.

Style Exploration

After gathering inspiration and considering the competitve analysis, I began exploring various styles.

Final Design

Adding a snap from the explore section allows student to quickly pick events and activities they are interested in and add it to their personal task list.

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